Ruth Coalson truly is the definition of the word. Her knowledge of the fulldome and planetarium industry is vast and encyclopedic. From specific technical details, to valuable creative insights, to deep marketing knowledge - and don’t even get us started on who she knows.

Seriously… she knows everybody in the business, and we’re pretty sure she knows everything there is to know about fulldomes and planetariums. And… she is one of the most generous, fun and funny people we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

No matter what you may want to do in the full dome or planetarium world, you definitely want Ruth on your team.”

Kevin Saunders Hayes + Victoria Levy, kshpresents

“I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth Coalson for any professional endeavour she might pursue, and would be happy to further discuss my experience working with her.”

Cynthia Ashley, Project Manager, Back To The Moon For Good, Google Lunar XPRIZE Foundation

“Ruth has played a vital role in the fulldome industry and was crucial in securing the highest-ever support for our 2023 IMERSA Summit. Since joining IMERSA as a Director, her experience in film production, project management, and successful fulldome entrepreneurship has provided immensely beneficial to our team. Ruth's friendly attitude and commitment to professionalism are greatly appreciated and I eagerly anticipate collaborating on more exciting projects in the times ahead.”
Dan Neafus, CEO, IMERSA

“Ruth has helped us in so many ways to grow our business strategy and professionally present our project to the world. Her quick response, hard work ethic and negotiation skills have brought our entire brand to a new level. I would definitely recommend working with her!”
Joshua Sam Miller, Founder, Embodied Sounds

“2023 has certainly seen many highs and lows in the world of Creative Futures but as I reflect back and look at how far we have come, all I can see is significant growth and development.

This could not have happened without our amazing team - Kirk, Elenore, Holly and Chris but especially working with industry experts like Ruth Coalson. Ruth joined us in January as Fundraising Entrepreneur in Residence, bringing a wealth of experience in bidwriting, project development as well as industry intelligence and future technology.

We have worked together on several successful funding bids such as the GAIN project and strategic aims with a focus on CreaTech at University of Warwick. I am so grateful to have Ruth as an extension of our team as her insights and industry knowledge are second to none!”

Clare Green, Creative Futures
University of Warwick
Associate Director & Women in Games Ambassador
Championing the strength and diversity in UK’s creative & digital industries